Our Methodology

We work with both individual students and educational organizations such as schools and outreach foundations. For example one of our founding volunteers worked with the Synopsys Outreach Foundation to help East Side School District children: they were given a list of free resources to participate in Science Fairs ( Click here to see these resources).

We also work with schools to integrate STEM materials into their education. We find that it is difficult for K-12 schools to integrate Computer Science (CS) into their curriculum. We provide them ways to integrate elements of CS in different subjects ( Click here to see these resources).

We recruit STEM experts as volunteeers to coach childern in Math, Physics, and Computer Science. When these experts come on board, we first coach these experts some elements of teaching which can be summarized as immersive learning. Our volunteers help these students in many ways including tutoring, producing helpful documents (for en example, please click here ) and mentoring students.

Volunteer With Us

If you have the passion to help disadvantaged children please Contact Us . You can either tutor children, or produce easy to use learning materials, or provide mentoring.